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Zero Waste Travel: Our Guide to Eco-Friendly Globetrotting

Practicing zero waste travel is the eco-friendly way of globetrotting, and anytime you can avoid using plastic, it's a win for the environment. Even better, zero waste travel will likely save you money simply because of what you pack and the choices you make regarding packaging. The truth is, something as simple as carrying a fabric shopping bag is not only good for the planet, but also convenient to have on a trip to the outdoor market. It's All About Habits I remember when Seattle started charging for plastic bags as a way to deter us from using them. It wasn't long before I had a collection of canvas and other lightweight bags. After a while, it was second nature...

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The Minimalist Carry-on Packing List for Summer 2019

Much like the Bauhaus concept of design, less is more when it comes to traveling. And a minimalist carry-on packing list is a surefire way to get the most from less luggage. That way, you don't need to wing it when it comes time to fit your world into a small bag. Simplicity is essential, but paradoxically, it isn't always that simple. You have to get comfortable giving up some of the frills so you can get down to what's necessary. I love a challenge, so I get a kick out of having everything I need without wasting an inch of space. It does mean that I go with less make-up and don't pack a different pair of shoes for...

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Try Van Camping: 5 Striking Reasons to Go This Summer (Road Trip!)

Wanderlust kicks in this time of year and that urge to adventure in the great outdoors takes over. Maybe it's time to try van camping this summer! I've spent a lot of time going on road trips and camping over the years. In my experience, what you drive has the potential to make for an unforgettable adventure. And, trust me, that can go either way. Let me explain: When I was a kid, we had a colossal camper that could easily fit all five of us. My parents were real adventurers, so every summer they would pack us in the camper and take off on a cross-country road trip that would last two to three weeks. We had so much...

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